Starella Glam Brand Ambassador

Hi Starella Doll, we are thrilled to have you represent us as a Brand Ambassador! Fill out our registration form to unlock all the amazing perks.

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Ambassador Requirements

To receive the benefits listed above. All Starella Glam BAs must uphold and fulfill their ambassador duties which include, but are not limited to, maintaining......

☆ An attitude of excitement about Starella Glam, our products, our brand, and our team
☆ An exclusive relationship with Starella Glam and our products. You may not promote or represent any other company (in comparison to Starella Glam products) while you are a Starella Glam Brand Ambassador
☆ A consistent schedule of posting lash related material at least once a week on social media using the hashtag #starellaglamdoll

Ambassador Goodies

☆ Receive your own unique, shareable discount code for your followers (10% off)
☆ Personal ambassadors discount for every purchase (*restrictions apply)
☆ Chance to be featured on all of our social media platforms

☆ Exclusive access to new products

☆ Invitation to participate, represent, and/or perform lash services at trade shows and networking event

At Starella Glam Boutique, we believe in open communication and honesty at all times and expect feedback from our Ambassadors to better our products. We value you and want you to feel at home in the Starella Glam Family. As part of the family, you can expect the support and feedback from us as well.

If you want to become apart of the Starella Glam Fam, register to be a Brand Ambassador today!